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Messages from Gaia!

Today I have a message for you! I'm so excited to share this with you as it came to me during my morning meditation:

Spend time in nature. Mother Earth misses you. Feet firm on the ground and head in the clouds! Take a walk alone in your yard or a park and reflect on all of the beauty that comes to your senses! Revel in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Appreciate these free gifts and feel the abundance flow into your physical being!

Reflect on the serenity there and welcome the peace, love, and wellness that nature has to offer! You are loved, you are safe, you are never alone! Look for signs everywhere! They can be a feather, a special stone that catches your eye, even a bug or bird nearby. Feel the message(s) with your open mind and trust your intuition that only good messages come to you from the universe! If you're hearing negativity, that's your ego trying to keep you safe. Repress those negative thoughts and focus on the positive! Try taking off your shoes and walking bare foot as this will ground you and aid in your connectivity.

Peace, love and light now and forever...


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