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Let's Talk About The Throat Chakra!

As a Certified Crystal Healer and Chakra Balancer, it is really important to me to heal the Healer and talk the talk, so to speak (pun intended)... since we are talking about the Throat Chakra. I thought I'd sum it up here and also let you know what I do to get myself healed.

Okay, quickly on to a tiny bit of science. The Throat Chakra is the energy center at the middle to base of your neck and its energy radiates as far as your clavicle to your ears, on all sides. The Throat Chakra is responsible for the health of; thyroid, tmj, sore throats, laryngitis and sometimes affects your ears, sinuses as well as neck and shoulder issues. When the throat chakra is not in balance, these things can become serious and chronic.

I'm inclined to mention that the main cause of blockages and/or imbalance is usually plenty of pent-up, unspoken, and uncomfortable conversations. Things need to be said! And don't worry about the old mama's saying, "if you can't say anything nice don't say anybody at all." I'm not asking you to be mean, but if it's YOUR truth…it needs to be said. Periodt.

Now, how can you do that without being mean? Communicating with your words out loud can be to a confidante, a counselor, writing it down and speaking out loud to the universe. But, always get it out. You'll feel better however you release what you have been holding in.

Other helpful items are, of course, seeking an Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Chakra Balancer, meditation and chanting or singing. The chakra color is light blue, so they're no surprise that wearing that color or having crystals that color around would help! Natural Turquoise, Celestine, and Aquamarine are especially good. Sipping on a good chamomile and lavender tea or having these herbs around is also helpful.

There are yoga poses, too! Fish pose, Lion pose, and Cow pose are great in exposing your throat chakra to the prana it needs. You can do the Fish pose and Lion's pose in a seated position, which makes it great to do anywhere and anytime.

When I'm especially choked up, I like to light a candle and whisper to the universe things that don't feel nice to say to anyone, but their energy is stagnant and stuck. I'll gargle with a little Himalayan Pink Salt and Warm Water, then I'll see how I feel. If it's really stuck in there, or if it's something causing anger or physical pain, I've been known to scream into a pillow until all the frustration is spent. Then, I'll repeat the gargle, light a light blue candle and have a cup of chamomile tea while soaking in a tub with lavender in the water.

I'll say this with a lot of my healing practices, so you may hear this again and again, but it always helps. Meditate in the tub and focus on bringing healing energy to the place you need it most. When done with the bath, say thank you to the water, watch it go down the drain and imagine it turning into something beautiful. Transmutation is something I will explain in another blog.


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