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Listen to The Voices!

I used to always joke about hearing voices because it was an easy way to mask my fear of people thinking that I was crazy that I am experiencing my awakening; I understand that the positive reinforcement messages that I have always heard are truly divine messages of encouragement. Anytime I hear a negative message, I am reminded of my true purpose and am able to shut them up by shedding love and light on them and the situation. This does not stop me from listening to voices of caution of physical harm, entering into a dangerous situation, or danger in general, but this does keep me from being led by negative thoughts and allowing that to deter my positive energy space.

I was channeling messages for a couple of clients recently and, as I heard the words escape my lips, I myself was receiving a hidden healing message. “Do not let the past continue to haunt you…move past this, use this as a learning lesson and move on…the past has done its damage and can no longer hurt you! You can say NO to the past and focus on the present and use the positive light within to heal and move into a beautiful future for yourself!”

Remember, dear ones, when you have a negative thought or feeling, ask yourself, “Is this truly your current situation?” Focus on the here and now! Count your blessings and focus on the positive – move past the negative feeling, cut the cords, transmute the situation into a learning lesson, whatever you need to tell yourself that this is not current. If it is your current situation, you can still shed light on the situation to get clear messages.

You may need to meditate, pray, or take a walk/ride but, you will get clarity if you focus on the positive and listen to the encouraging messages that will come through. Focus on the light and ground yourself. Send your negative thoughts into the universe and allow only positive messages of love and light to flow to you now and always! If you feel that you are stuck and need gentle guidance to get you to a place of light, reach out for help! We are always here for you…I am here for you. You are loved, you are worthy of all good things, the universe wants you to be happy, healthy, and successful.

Blessings, Heather

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