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The difference between Lightwork and Reiki

Today's reflection is about the difference between my Lightwork and my Reiki practice. I am hopeful that this information can help others on their path as well as assist my clients in understanding the services I provide and the things that I can assist them with.

As a Lightworker, I am an open and intuitive conduit for messages to and from the universe and my clients. With Lightwork, I channel light and bring forth the messages from the Universe/Spirit/God/Angels/Ascended Masters that are intended for my client(s) at that time and place. This assists my client with life/career coaching, blessings, closure, and transition, just to name a few. I am happy to have a Gatekeeper so "things" do not come flooding in and yes, I can turn it on and off at will. I have a number of personal guides/angels that I can call upon at any time for assistance and they will recognize your guide/guardian angel(s) and can bring forth very quick and accurate messages for you! For that I am eternally grateful.

In my Reiki practice, I am a channel of Universal Energy that can be used for healing purposes. This energy channels through me and directly into my client. The energy goes where intention flows and this keeps me from absorbing the energies of those that I work on/with.This type of practice can assist with anything physical or mental that my clients no longer wish to harbor/hold on to. This can be physical or psychological pain, disease, ailments, and/or general concerns. Reiki can only be used when permission is granted so I am not violating my client's free will in any way. The healing energy is with my client from the time of the session and beyond (although multiple sessions are sometimes required). We come together for a blessing, a grounding session, then the Reiki session where the release for both of us is quite cathartic! For this I am eternally grateful as well!

With both modalities, the energy/light flows through my body and into others, however; I wasn't always focused on ensuring that the energy was removed from me afterwards. As an Empath, I recognized that this Healer needed to "Heal thyself" and that is why I have been a little distant lately. I have "unloaded" a lot of negative weight in the past few months - figuratively and literally! I have lost 30 lbs and I have also transmuted relationships in my life so they are no longer weighing me down. During this time of transition, my spiritual growth has shown me that my path is clear for me to take the reigns and to help others navigate the confusion of this life and assist with their spiritual growth more acutely. I am READY...and so are you!

Remember, you can contact me here, on my website, or on Blessings to you all! Namaste

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